In an Instant

Everything last for a while,then it dissapears forever yet linger on for eternity.

2008 – 4 months late April 3, 2008

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Wow. 2008. I started the year by working at Hyatt Hotel Security Dept. Initially I thought it was not a good idea. But after wearing black suits and ties and lots of smiles, maybe its not such a bad idea. Thats proof of how people judge you by your outer looks which has its pros and cons of course. Only that some people tend to make judgements and narrow you down to their mental model of what you are. That certainly sucks.

I shaved my head bald. Skin bald. Every single day. No rough spots. Now people can’t judge me by what hairstyle I haf (or dun haf). Been doing really nasty things but I enjoyed it. Luckily I have Norfarid to hear me out. He is really a good friend. Sometimes I think I depend abit too much on him. But everybody needs someone to support and needs to be supported.

I’ve also been interested in Indonesian language lately.

Meneketehe – Mana aku tahu (How I know)
Pacaran – Love partner
Pikirin – Thinking
Sinteng – Crazy

These are some spoken Indonesian languages that i’ve came across with. There is this song by Lolita “emang gue pikirin” which is a mix of house music. That song really blew my mind off! I’ve put it on my friendster. Talking about friendster, I decide to be a wee bit active back on friendster. Partly because school is starting and social-networking sites such as frienster and facebook are one of the best ways to know that chic beside you (lol) more. To 2008 – Its time to venture and discover. Its time to find new history to write instead of the old same twisted futile path.


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