In an Instant

Everything last for a while,then it dissapears forever yet linger on for eternity.

A Buck Short… November 23, 2007

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I’m utterly disappointed. Aiman could play it and i couldn’t. Just because i my graphics card wasn’t compatible enough! I was thinking, should i have asked my dad to buy a better laptop then? I mean, the game was ridiculously amazing! ~Humans have unlimited wants – Economics~  Yeah. I spent 4 hours figuring out the reason why i couldn’t play. Tired and disappointed as i am, i feel a sense of relief that i manage to solve and understand why.

Another question solved! I do not mind searching for answers because its worth the effort. At times the answers may not be favourable  to us (like what i knew about why i can’t play NFS Pro Street) while at times it is favourable .

Question is, are you game enough to face it? Welcome to the adult world everybody.


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