In an Instant

Everything last for a while,then it dissapears forever yet linger on for eternity.

Today… November 21, 2007

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Today I waited for my friend Deon from 8am to 8.20am. When i called she was already on the train. haiz… Hats off to ya for leaving without me.

Reached sch arnd 9.30am only to realise i’m in an all girl’s group! Hats off to the faci for that.

Zou Mei as usual passed me the problem statement and worksheet via msn. Hats off to Zou Mei for being so nice these past few days making me stay in class. And hats off to Deon for shutting down my comp last week tues. It really put me in a lot of trouble with leo.

Somehow the problem statement was interesting in a sense i could relate to the book edited by Jean E. Krasno”The UNITED NATIONS – Confronting the Challenges of a Global Society”. I wonder why there are protest when IMF came. Why are there much hype about this UN organisation? Hopefully that book can shed some light.  Hats off to Jean E. Krasno.

Today’s presentation didn’t go the way i wanted it to go. I dunno whats wrong this semester but I know that in terms of effort put in, its not much. Blame it on myself for not dividing time proportionately between friends and school work.

I had oreo cookies drink after school and nasi lemak. My stomach really bloated. Went home wit the hommies as usual. I wonder what i’d do without em. Hats off to em.

Hats off to those people that overcame their fear, anger and whatever obstacle they faced gracefully. Hats off to Fitria the ex school magazine editor for being a super woman juggling between shit.

Hats off to Valentina for being a teacher at Red Swastika.

Finaly, hats off to MYSELF! for surviving another day.

~Everything last for a while, then it disappears forever yet linger on for eternity~ Heire Augustin


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