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Value of Hurt November 18, 2007

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Did anyone realise that its nearing to the end of 2007?

So what did I do for yr 07?

1. I completed my NS for good
2. Joined Rp and took a course in Biomedical Science
3. Got summons from NEA.
4. Went to court like 3-4 times.
5. Got a cool but weird hairdo.
6. Tried gamelan and didn’t turn up coz of work, joined a group of uncle roadies and left them becos of work, gave up on premier hockey league becos i wasn’t ready, went clubbin and karaoke (with uber-fun blood relations), went Changi Chalet with a bunch of 16,17,18,19 year olds for 3 days.
7. Worked and quit Cathay Cineleisure becos it affects my studies.
8. Tried to quit smoking but failed (no excuses) just that i’m freaking tied to smoking
9. Drank.
10. Had lots of sex.
11. Got a gf. (erm ok. 10 & 11 still has until dec 31 to go. hahahah. joking)

Yeah. Thats pretty much what happened in my 22nd year.Oh ya!I had a great sweetest uber-fantastic birthday quietly tucked away with my dearest classmates. And i got a beautiful watch as well!

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I was thinking today about hurt. Can the value of hurt be measured? To some extend yes. I can go on. But wtheck. I’m more interested in why hurt is in place at all. I mean, don’t you agree that at times we do not intend to cause hurt be it grievous or not, physical or emotional. I;m not interested in whether its intentional. But more on unintentional hurt.

Why do we unintentionally hurt someone? and if the damage is done, what can we do to settle it? I mean, a punch cannot be measured and returned and we say ok, its even. Or, emotional hurt as in we hurt our loved ones by lying and they lie back to us and we call it even. What is the measurement of hurt?

To those that i’ve hurt, I;m sorry. Especially to that special someone who I guess wouldn’t even read this. But deep inside, I wanna say that I know i’m wrong but its not the way i intend it to be. And i know that since there is no measurement of hurt, i can never undo whats done. If i had it my way, how i wish it was back to those times where i can stop myself from doing those nasty things that hurt you. And since time goes forward and not backwards, i guess its impossible.

Just to let you and the whole wide internet (boring fucks, get a life *not you) world, I love you. No matter where you are where i am, i’ll remember in my memory that I love you.


2 Responses to “Value of Hurt”

  1. yutaki Says:

    hey baby!
    i m the 1st to comment!!
    oh my god! why do you have to confess in this manner?? i knew you love me long ago.
    and wat’s up with the #10??? lotta sex!!!! with who! shouldn’t it be with me!?

  2. heirewrites Says:

    u’ll alwaz ve da ferst hunneh! lets take a gazillion pics by 16th week!!!

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