In an Instant

Everything last for a while,then it dissapears forever yet linger on for eternity.

WHOA! October 31, 2007

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The Truth about YOU

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Esther (more…)


Everybody say “stale KAPER!”

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Boya boya.  What telah happen sibo?



After so long.. October 29, 2007

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After so long of not playing hockey, i went to Hockey Village (HV) to knock some balls. Yes my fitness is zero and my skills gone. The younger kids beat the oxygen out of my lungs. Talking about lungs, i came across this

Artery – (a tube to contain air)..
Penis – Tail
Uterus – Hyseteria


Tomy here means to dissect. Ana means body (if i remember correctly). I watch this video of berkeley university lecture on human anatomy. Someday, I wish to study in such an environment. I want to have a clear mind and learn and share it with anyone that has the same knowledge but a different point of view. By doing so, I hope to achieve a better understanding of the subject matter by gaining points of view from different people.

But I have yet to find someone willing talk on not what they hear but on what they researched and talk rationally & logically. Aren’t we learned men (and women for that matter)? Are we afraid of what we might find is contradictory to what we have been told over the years? Are we afraid that we are wrong ? Lets join the ranks of learned men (and women) in search for the truth. We have a brain that is able to think rationally and logically which separates us from animals. Why waste it where one can “seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”.


The thin line.. October 25, 2007

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All of us are guilty of harbouring thoughts of smoking thru presentations or conveniently using other’s ppt for our presentation. I am guilty of that thoughts too. However sometimes our thoughts get over our heads and it leads to actions. Well, I think it is excusable if one really has reached a dead end and used that as last resort. But when it becomes routine, it stinks.

Where goes the research skills and the fun of getting lost amidst the searching only to have you teammates pull you back to reality and the initial goal of the team? In my opinion, its only killing creativity and working minds. But that does not mean reading other’s ppt is down right harmful. If you use that as a basis of your presentation, its ok. Only thing is, how reliable is the author of that document that you relied your study upon? I love you guys in class and I do not want to allow our life goals to eroded relations. I wish to get into university (God willing) one day. Hopefully NUS. So I am taking this education shit seriously ok. Lets work on building bridges and strengthening them if we already have one. F@#& YOU MATHS FACI! F@$& YOU! F@$& YOU FOR BEING AN EDUCATED PERSON THAT HAS A PEA FOR A BRAIN.


The best birthday in 7 years October 21, 2007

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Birthdays are probably one of the most important days in our calenders. I wasn’t looking forward to mine this year but that special day was interesting enough for me to blog it down.

Thursday after school :
W45G students went to Swensens Yishun to eat dinner. Joked around with some (ok alot) of sexual innuendos and the whole group of us around 8 people laughed their ass off.
Attendance : Me,MJ,Esther,Taz,Fira,Aiman,Aiman’s gf,Uncle,Abdillah,
They bought an oreo cheesecake. How sweet. 😉 thanks people.

Friday : Deon was the first person to wish over msn at 12am followed by Esther, Ariff and the rest is flooding. Went to school as per normal. Meet the rest of the gang. Surprise? They told me to cabut right after 1st presentation. And they told me tt arnd lunch? Damn not enuf time to react. Zou Mei pissed me off again as per usual felt like throwing my laptop at her face but thougth it would be a waste of my laptop warranty.

Gang met at library : Deon,Farhana,Mia,Shake,Angeline,Vinod,Roohee,Jessica.
Headed to marina to play pool. Still dunno where they taking me. After pool went to Cavana and Deon paid (for the pool and cavana). Had a hot plate of rice with blackpepper chicken and taugay.
Headed to esplanade and we sang songs along the way. haha it was hilarious. Made our way to boat quay and took pictures. Jessica had a great angle and everyone wanted their shot. Den sat on a sruplture played murderer,truth or dare.Vinod and me had to do catwalk infront of ang mohs. Clearly they were entertained. Went to Circular road mac and finished off rj. Went back and slacked at cck wit Deon who gave me a birthday present (SOOO SWEEET!) Cool watch! Slacked with her at cck park until she the ghosts got onto her nerves haha. WEnt back in taxi.

I would not have spent my 22 birthday with anyone else apart from these people especially the gang. Seeing the effort they put and some going out of their way to spend time, it was sheer happiness knowing that there are people out there sacrificing a part of whats theirs for somebody else. your


Ms Deon October 18, 2007

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I kinda felt bad. When she called this morning, i was already in the shower. The 2nd time she called, she asked “you awake?”. Thats the question that greeted me for the past few weeks every day every morning. My classmates said its sweet of her to do so and i agree. I mean, she could have just woke up on her own, went to school without caring. But here i am feeling dunno what over an incident? Common Heire! This is a replay! So now what? Silence it all up and pretend as if nothing ever happen or comprehend it. Of course, history has taught me to fix it before it gets too late. Friendship is something that should be treasured because it doesn’t come by easily. Especially one that calls you without fail every morning. Yeah. I’m sorry ok for whatever it is that made us not talk and be normal. Friends as usual again? *ps, and you still dun need to call me no more k in the morning. I feel bad asking you to do so. Thank you Deon and I am sorry.