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Everything last for a while,then it dissapears forever yet linger on for eternity.

1st Impression – Revised September 21, 2007

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Hey hey, so some of you guys have read my first impression of you. What do you think? I’m babbling trash? OF COURSE! Haha. So this is my 2nd impression of you nice kids.

No3 : Sorry pretty head, you ain’t the best looking girl in class.But i am really looking forward to doing maths with you.
No4 : OMG, you are a SHE! Loud?
No5 : Erm..still blur.
No6 : Shinny forehead has a shiny brain. Keep up the tempo man.
No7 : No comments.
No8 : No comments yet.
No9 : I remember her name – Patricia..cos she puts it big big on her notebook.
No10: Fierce. So my 1st impression still stand.
No11: Nah..u not a rat. You borrow me thumdrives 😀
no12: Maybe you still need to visit the doctor.
No13: No comments yet.
No14 : Nerd? lol what was i thinking. Cool hair colour girl! Rock on babe!
No 15 : MIA.
No 16 : He is the big show.
No17 : MIA with No 15.
No 18 : Nice guy. Interesting character. Can’t wait for fasting to end…SMOKE BREAK!!!!!
No 19 : No comments yet.
No 20 : My first teamate. haha. Annie.
No 21 : No comments.
No 22 : One of the most interesting guy in class! SEX SEX SEX!
No 23 : No comments yet.
No 24 : Kai! Somehow i think she is horny. corny.


September 14, 2007

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Ok. Here I proudly present to you W45G. Number 3 here looks ok amongst the Chinese girls
No4 – Eddie Murphy in Doctor Doolittle (i hope he does alot of work)
No5 – What can I say..blur look.
No6 – Yea smiley face..can i get a tissue to wipe that shinning forhead?
No7 – Blue dragon t-shirt?Gangster..nah…probably just another wannabe.
No8 – No shit, a faithful Islamic girl in my class. I wonder if she is one of those that conceal not only her modestly but as well bitchy character.
No9 – I’ll be more than glad to be ur personal trainer.
No10 – Chucky’s bride
No11 – Looks like Teenage Mutant’s Ninja Turtle’s rat.
No12 – man…u need to stich those gaping mouth..what?there aren’t any babes in da class.
No13 – Indian girls…i’m comming to class with earplugs.
No14 – looks like a nerd.
No15 – my my…just when my hopes are beginning to diminish…an angel came along. Err..not you.
No16 – Another smiling Malay guy. Just how many more will there be.
No17 – The only act fierce looking Malay guy. I wonder how intelligent he is.
No18 – Aisey…fierce lah brader.Fierce like the pussy cat wondering around my neighbourhood.
No19 – Is she scared?
No20 – please….please…please..transfer me….
No21 – arghhhhhhhhhh…vampires and ghosts
No22 – Hmm…maybe this guy has BO.
No23 – Is tt a he or she?
No24 – 2nd Indian girl!!!Arghhhhhhh lucky my other ear is deaf.

PS: I’m bored.So if any of u guys see this in the future, enjoy it while its uploaded. First impression counts and this is my first impression of you guys and girls.

The people in my class looks as if they got lucky in their ‘o’ levels and ended up in poly. But what the hell…”Whats in a name..That which we call a rose…By any other name would smell as sweet” And its nothing personal dun worry 😉